The recipe for success is the same as the recipe for great cuisine.

1960 was the year Thackers was established. We did not start Thackers to become the largest or the most famous food destination. Instead, we started it to offer the best Gujarati food in Mumbai. We knew our competition was not other restaurants or caterers. Our competition was the wife and the mother who cooked a simple, nourishing and tasty meal for her family.

Thackers has come a long way from its early days when it pioneered Marine Catering by catering to industry leaders such as Shipping Corporation of India and Scindia Steam Navigation Company and to reputed clubs and hotels in Mumbai, Pune and Matheran.

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Thackers Caterers
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Girgaum, Chowpatty,
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Mobile: 9323501774 / 5 / 6 | 9321147060 | 9820127977

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